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Services for Private School Students


Textbooks for Private School Students

Capital Region BOCES is the textbook provider for Bethlehem Central. Each year, BOCES notifies families of private school students about dates for returning textbooks at the end of the school year and arranges to have textbooks delivered to the child's school for the start of the school year. [Families will be notified in case of exception.] If you have questions about ordering, picking up or returning your child's textbooks, please call Anne McCoy at BOCES, 464-5123.
BOCES Textbook Services is now located at 20 Walker Way. 


Transportation for Private School Students

The district provides transportation to and from school for resident private and parochial school students who attend schools within 16 miles of their homes. Bus routing information for the upcoming school year is mailed home to each student in August. Due to budget cuts for 2006-07, transportation for private school students will no longer be provided during Bethlehem Central vacations and recesses.
Requests for transportation to private/parochial school must be received in writing by the BC Transportation Department by April 1 (for the upcoming school year). 
Print or download the private school transportation request form.

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