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Mission Statement

Our mission is to enrich the mind and spirit of each of our students by employing the major components of our English language. Through the study of literature and the elements of the English language we intend to prepare our students to contribute to the greater good of our society and our planet. The members of our English department are responsible for providing instructional and assessment strategies that are supported by our collective wisdom and experience as well as strategies that are supported by current research and by our intuition. We are responsible for creating a non-judgmental learning environment that supports our students' social and emotional development. We believe that among our many values, commitment to our teaching, respect for our students and colleagues, and empathy for all are paramount to the success of our work.


Miss the AP English Summer Assignment Meeting ?

If you missed the meeting to discuss the AP summer assignment, please see these documents [PDF] for the summer assignment and pick up a copy of the novel The Things They Carried in the Supervisors’ Office in the High School.

Students are expected to complete these assignments by the beginning of school next fall; please read the instructions carefully so that these assignments are completed correctly.

We look forward to seeing you in the classroom in September! Have a great summer!


Summer Reading Information

Suggested Reading Lists and Student Assignments

AP English Summer Assignment [PDF]

9E Summer Reading Assignments [PDF]

Middle School Summer Reading Suggestions from the LMC

Town of Bethlehem Public Library -  Everything from books and periodicals to special events and activities for kids and teens


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Elementary Reading Specialists

BCHS Style Sheet [PDF]

Lab School English/Humanities Information

Citing Online Sources [PDF]

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