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Welcome to the Bethlehem Central Science Department Web site. Please use this page as a resource for K-12 curriculum information, teaching staff contacts, and the "Ask the Scientist Feature," which is available to all students, parents and community members. 

Mission Statement

Scientifically literate citizens possess the skills and information
processing abilities to methodically and effectively problem-solve, communicate, formulate conclusions and challenge faulty conclusions that impact their lives. The primary goal of our science programming
is to achieve this level of scientific literacy in all of our students.

In support of this mission our staff endeavors to structure learning
outcomes that focus on the requisite skills, knowledge, and values that
lead and facilitate students toward being successful leaders both within
our program and through their transitions into collegiate and work

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Ask a Scientist

The Ask a Scientist/Engineer feature is a program sponsored by the Bethlehem Science Department and by scientists who help serve our community. How it works: Forward your science questions to the scientists at the e-mail address provided. Please report dead links, or problems with the site to Department Supervisor Jennifer Gonyea. VIEW ALL SCIENTISTS