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Code of Student Conduct

athletics policies and training rules

XII. Athletic Policies and Training Rules
    A. Participation in interscholastic athletics at Bethlehem Central is a privilege. This participation should elicit great pride among
    all school community members. Part of the responsibility that goes with the participation in school sports is the need to maintain
    satisfactory standards of behavior.
    B. Each student-athlete receives an Interscholastic Athletic Handbook, which clearly defines the standards for student athlete
    behavior. It is the responsibility of each student athlete and his/her parent(s) to be familiar with the contents of this handbook.
    C. Before a student is permitted to participate on an athletic team, both the student and parent must sign an Interscholastic
    Athletics Participation form and return it to either the athletic director or the school nurse. The signatures of both the student
    athlete and the parent indicate that each agrees to respect and abide by these rules and behavior expectations in order to
    participate in interscholastic athletics at Bethlehem Central. This form is included in the handbook and may be obtained from a
    coach or the athletic director.
    D. Student athletes will be disciplined by school district administrators for infractions using the guidelines set forth in the
    Interscholastic Athletic Handbook and this Code of Conduct.

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