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Code of Student Conduct

dance guidelines

XV. Dance Guidelines
    A. It is the expectation of the school district that all students will behave in an appropriate manner at all school events, as
    outlined in this Code of Conduct. The participation of students at school dances is also governed by the rules and regulations of
    this code.
    B. In order to attend school dances, students must be in good standing behaviorally.
    C. Students attending High School dances must be enrolled in grades 9 through 12 at Bethlehem Central High School. Guests
    attending High School dances can be no older than 19 years of age and must be approved in advance by the building principal.
    D. Students attending Middle School dances must be enrolled in grades 6 through 8 at Bethlehem Central Middle School. Guests
    are not permitted at Middle School dances.
    E. Students and guests under the influence of alcohol or drugs will be subject to the penalties of the school district as outlined
    in this Code of Student Conduct. Guests of students under the influence of alcohol or drugs will be required to leave (note: Code
    of Student Conduct does not apply to non-students)
    F. Chaperones may use passive alcohol sensors prior to and/or during the dances to more accurately determine whether or not a
    student has consumed alcohol. The passive alcohol sensor is a screening device and is not a Breathalyzer. This device will be used
    to check all students when they enter the dance and periodically during the event.
    G. If it is determined that the student has been drinking, parents will be called and disciplinary consequences will follow in
    accordance with the District Code of Conduct.

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