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Code of Student Conduct

extracurricular clubs

XIV. Extracurricular Clubs
    A. Student organizations cannot restrict membership on the basis of race, color, gender, religion, ethnic origin, economic status,
    sexual orientation or disability.
    B. Students may not be denied participation in any activity for any reason other than those established by state, county or
    school eligibility requirements and those requirements legitimately related to the purpose of the activity.
    C. The school district requires student organizations to register with the school in order to obtain available school funds and the
    use of school facilities.
    D. All student meetings in the school buildings or on school grounds may function only as part of the formal education process or
    as authorized by the building principal.
    E. No student group may meet without the direct supervision of a school district employee.
    F. Student organizations have the responsibility to make clear to the public that their programs do not necessarily reflect the
    view of the institution as a whole. Use of the school or district name when participating in a public demonstration is improper
    unless the building principal or his/her designee has granted permission.
    G. Student organizations also have the responsibility to recognize that persons who disagree with their view and programs have
    the right to choose for themselves whether to listen to the groups' points of view and must not be coerced or harassed into
    doing so.

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