Code of Student Conduct


I.    Introduction
    A. The Bethlehem Central Code of Student Conduct was developed in consultation with teachers, parents, students,
        administrators and other school/community representatives. It was adopted by the Board of Education with the expectation
        of full compliance by all students on school property or participating in or attending school functions. For the purpose of
        this code of conduct, "school property" means in or within any building structure, athletic playing field, playground, parking
        lot or land contained within the real property boundary line of the district's elementary and secondary schools or any
        property owned and operated by the school district, in or on a school bus, and "school function" means any school-
        sponsored extracurricular event or activity, whether on- or off-campus.
    B. This Code of Student Conduct is in compliance with the Schools Against Violence (SAVE) legislation, which took effect on July
        1, 2001, for all school districts in New York State. The code includes high standards for student conduct, outlines clear
        consequences for students who break the rules and serves as a standard for consistency and fairness that protects students'
        rights while promoting their responsibility.
    C. Students at school-sponsored off-campus events shall be governed by all the rules and regulations of the school and are
        subject to the authority of the school district officials.
    D. If you have any questions about the material contained in this document, please contact the building principal or the
        superintendent of schools. A complete copy of the Bethlehem Central Code of Conduct is available in the main office of each
        school in the district and on the district's official Web site at http://www.bethlehemschools.org.

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