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Story Pirates enthrall Elsmere kids

Elsmere Elementary was sacked by The Story Pirates last week, who brought with them their own unique brand of improvisational storytelling and engaging entertainment.

The Story Pirates, a troupe of about 120 or so performers based out of Los Angeles and New York City, travel from school to school and present a “sketch comedy musical” based entirely on stories written by elementary schoolers.

“The goal is to show kids how important their writing skills are and to get them to exercise their creativity,” said Joanna Simmons, one of seven actors and musicians that performed at Elsmere on Jan. 10.
The Pirates’ performance consisted of a number of stories they’ve received over the years, but also some penned by Elsmere students specifically for this visit.

“We read every story sent to us,” said actor Andy Schneeflock, who has been with the Story Prates for about ten years. “And every student who sends us a story gets a note back from one of the pirates.”

The Pirates performed four stories by Elsmere students: “Stormfast the Huskie” by Sammy Day; “The Spy from North America” by Casey Roth; “The Viking who couldn’t say ‘hi’” by Miles Mallory-Kani; an untitled story by Emily Gokey; and “Just a little bit of conditioner” by Annie Krege.

After the performances, The Story Pirates stuck around to speak to the students and encouraged them to continue writing.

“It really is amazing,” said Schneeflock. “After the show, the kids were all psyched to to create more stories.”

See a photo gallery of the visit here. The performances of the stories written by Elsmere students are presented below for your viewing pleasure:

“Stormfast the Huskie” by Sammy Day


"The spy from North America" by Casey Roth


“The viking who couldn't say Hi" by Miles Mallory-Kani


"A little bit of conditioner" by Annie Krege


To read more about the Story Pirates, visit www.storypirates.org.