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BC Elementary Handbook for Parents and Students


Communicating with parents about their child's individual progress as well as important news and information about the school and district—is accomplished in a number of ways, including:
Parent or teacher-initiated contacts at any time during the year.
Open house each fall.
BC@Home online information portal (see description below)
American Education Week (November).
Frequent updates on each school’s individual websites, including a calendar of upcoming events
Occasional notes and letters from teachers.
Work children bring home.
PTA meetings and programs.
District website (
Highlights (district newsletter) and other district publications
School News Notifier School news e-mail system)

There are many decisions made daily in the classrooms. If you have a concern about a teacher’s decision, it is best to make direct contact with the teacher for clarification before involving the principal. If you still have a question or concern after speaking with the classroom teacher, please contact the principal.


A parent-teacher conference is a two-way exchange of information about a child. Parents play an important role in their child's education. Parents are encouraged to attend to discuss with the teacher the child’s interests, attitude, progress and concerns
at home and/or school.

Five half days for students in grades K-5 are set aside for conferences. These dates are published in the district calendar and on the district Web site. Scheduled conferences are held for all children in grades K-5 in November/December. A second conference is scheduled at the discretion of the teacher and/or parent in March. This is a minimum. Additional conferences should be held as needed. Teachers may also schedule conferences before and after school, if necessary. If you are unable to keep an appointment, please notify the teacher promptly.

An explanation of the reporting system accompanies the posting of report cards on BC@Home. Any time you have a question or concern, please call the school.


The district believes strongly that one of the major factors driving student success is a strong partnership between home and school. The BC@Home system is a web-based tool designed to strengthen communication between teachers, parents and students.

The system offers parents and students online access to a secure site with personalized information about a student's
academic program and progress. Elementary student report cards are also posted to BC@Home. In addition, parents are encouraged to find out if their children's teachers are using the system to distribute any other class materials, assignments, schedules, etc., and use the system as necessary and appropriate.

If you do not have a BC@Home account, please contact the main office of your child’s school to request information about beginning the account registration process.

Open House

Each fall, we have an evening Open House for parents. The date appears on the district calendar mailed home in August, and on the district website. The purposes of the Open House are:
to give parents and teachers the opportunity to interact;
to give teachers the opportunity to present an overview of the year's program and share thoughts about standards; and
to give parents the opportunity to ask questions and become actively involved in the school.

Report Cards

The elementary schools have three marking periods for students in grades K-5. For students in these grades, report cards will be posted on BC@Home this year after each marking period. In addition, students in grades 3 through 5 receive special subject report cards twice a year for instrumental & general music, art, physical education, library and AIS math or reading (if applicable). These important measures of your child's progress are distributed as follows:

November/December—First marking period report cards are posted on BC@Home prior to your parent-teacher conference. Special subject report cards are posted by the end of January.

March—Second marking period report cards are again posted to BC@Home prior to your parent-teacher conference.

June—Third marking period report cards and special subject report cards for grades K-5. All of these are posted on BC@Home by the end of the month.

District Newsletter, Web site and SNN

The Highlights newsletter is published periodically by the district and mailed home to all district residents. It contains articles
about curriculum, finance, achievements etc. The best source for current news and information is the district's official website at School News Notifier is a system that allows parents to receive school news and alerts, including weather-related closing and alerts via e-mail. Please visit the website to subscribe.