BC Elementary Handbook for Parents and Students

Food Services

School breakfast and lunch are available to all students on a daily basis. Monthly menus are available on the district website by following the "lunch menus" link on the right-side of most pages within the site.

Meal prices are determined during the summer and announced at the opening of school.

Parents of children who purchase lunch on a regular basis are encouraged to pre-pay for meals through either the NutrKids online system (see box below for details) or by sending a check into the Food Service Department with your child’s full name on it.

Free & Reduced Price Meals

The district participates in the Federal and State Free and Reduced Price Lunch Program. Students may be eligible for a free or reduced-price lunch if their families meet federal income guidelines. Detailed information, including eligibility criteria, is sent home to the parents of every BC student at the beginning of each year.

Lunches from Home

Please label your child’s lunch box or bag with a first and last name and current teacher's name. Lunches are often left on buses, street corners or in corridors without proper identification. If your child leaves a lunch or lunch money at home, please have it brought to school before the child's regularly scheduled lunch period, if possible.

Please try to double-check your child's lunch money before he/she leaves for school. If you pre-pay for meals, the NutriKids system allows you to check their balance online anytime. The elementary meal "charge" policy allows students who forget their lunch money or who do not have any on their account to charge a regular meal three times. More information about this policy is included in the back-to-school information packets that are sent home at the start of the year.

NutriKids Food Service Payment System

The Food Service Department's payment system is called NutriKids. This system gives parents the convenience of pre-paying on their child’s account, including making online payments. The online service at at www.nutrikids.com, offers parents a secure way to pre-pay for meals, check their account balance, and view purchase history. Parents who want to take advantage of the service must create an account at www.mynutrikids.com. You will need your child's student identification number to create an account. This number can be found on BC@Home. If you have questions, please call 439-8885 and ask for Paul Franchini or Manon Desjardins.