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BC Elementary Handbook for Parents and Students

Special Education & Student Support Services

The Special Education & Student Support Services Department provides a wide range of services for students in the district including support services in general education and special education services. Services available to students include the following:

Elementary School Counselors

Elementary school counselors facilitate classroom lessons that focus on:

3 making and maintaining friendships;
3 demonstrating empathy towards others;
3 identifying, verbalizing and managing emotions constructively;
3 problem solving; and
3 identifying and effectively responding to threatening/bullying behaviors.

In addition, elementary school counselors provide individual and group counseling for students.

Child Study Team

Each school's Child Study Team, led by the school principal, meets to discuss and make recommendations for students who require additional supports. Team members can include the principal, teacher, social worker, nurse, psychologist, behavior specialist and others as appropriate.

School Social Workers

Social workers provide individual and group counseling and case management services and make recommendations for students' behavior management plans.

Behavior Specialists

Behavior specialists conduct in-depth analyses of a student's behavior and develop behavior management plans to assist students in being available to learning.

Committee on Special Education

Besides these services, referrals can be made to the Committee on Special Education if a student is suspected of having a disability. The committee arranges for an evaluation of the student'

s abilities and needs. Based on the evaluation results, the committee decides if the student is eligible to receive special education services and programs. Parents are members of this committee.