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February 14, 2011

BC administrators and management group announce salary freezes

The district's central office administrators, school principals and deans, and department directors and managers have announced they are taking a salary freeze next year in the face of the district's extreme fiscal challenges.

In total, it represents 26 administrators or managers who are voluntarily giving up an increase in pay for 2011-12.

The Bethlehem Principals Association (BPA) is comprised of elementary and secondary principals and assistant principals, as well as the middle school house leader and high school academic deans. It had been slated to receive a 2.5 percent increase next year, the last of a two-year contract.

The Bethlehem Central Management Group has also announced its members will take a pay freeze. It includes directors and managers within the Food Service, Operations & Maintenance, and Transportation and Technology departments.

Assistant Superintendent for Educational Programs Jody Monroe, Chief Business and Financial Officer Judith Kehoe, and Superintendent Michael Tebbano will also not accept an increase next year.

Next year will be the third straight year that Dr. Tebbano has taken a voluntary freeze, meaning he will enter his fourth year as superintendent making the same as he did in his first.

Collectively, the freezes will save about $65,000.

"The district faces enormous fiscal challenges, which undoubtedly will result in a loss of programs and services from those who matter the most — the kids," Superintendent Michael Tebbano said. "This announcement is great news. It represents a tremendous demonstration of leadership, as well as support for our students in these times."

"As leaders of the district, we believe this is the right thing to do," said Slingerlands Principal Heidi Bonacquist, who is president of the Bethlehem Principals Association. "As administrators we see the impact these tough economic times are having on the buildings we lead and on opportunities for students. This was an important step for us to take."



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