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Posted March 30, 2011

Board of Education decides to close Clarksville after this year

At its March 30 meeting, the Board of Education voted to close Clarksville Elementary School after this year, citing serious fiscal challenges and a trend of declining enrollment.

For next year, students who are in the Clarksville enrollment zone will be reassigned to Eagle Elementary School or Slingerlands Elementary School based on expanded boundaries for those two schools.

The closure will save an estimated $860,000 for 2011-12. It will also reduce the district's baseline costs into future years that are also expected to carry fiscal challenges.

Board members agreed that while Clarksville is not in use, it will be important to properly maintain the building so it is available should an enrollment increase require it to reopen one day.

The vote was 5 to 2. Board members Laura Bierman, Michael Cooper, Matt Downey, Diane Giacone Stever and Charmaine Wijeysinghe voted in favor of the building's closure. Jim Dering and Lynne Lenhardt voted against it, suggesting instead a districtwide facilities and enrollment committee undertake a fuller study of the issue.

Superintendent Michael Tebbano said the most immediate priority is ensuring a smooth a transition for Clarksville students.

More information about this decision and the transition process will be posted and distributed on Thursday.

Educational Services Center (90 Adams Place)

The Board also approved the acquisition of a real estate broker to investigate the possibility of selling or leasing its central offices at 90 Adams Place as a means to generate revenue and increase operational efficiencies.


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