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May 17, 2011

Laura Ladd Bierman, Matt Downey, and Caitrin Navarro elected to the Board of Education

BC voters approve budget, bus proposition and elect Board members

Bethlehem Central School District voters approved the 2011-12 budget at the polls on Tuesday, with 3,251 casting votes in favor of the $86.83 million spending plan and 1,636 opposed.

Voters also approved the the bus purchase proposition and elected Laura Ladd Bierman, Matt Downey, and Dr. Caitrin Navarro to new, 3-year terms on the Board of Education. Bierman and Downey are incumbents.

The vote count on the bus proposition was 2,627 votes in favor to 2,201 opposed.

The results, announced at Bethlehem Central High School shortly after the polls closed, show 66.52% of the total 4,887 voters supported the budget, which called for spending to decrease of almost $1.5 million, or –1.66 percent, from the current year.

"We appreciate the community's support on this important vote," Superintendent Michael Tebbano said. "School budgeting and fiscal prudence are year-round activities, particularly in these times of difficult economic conditions and declining state aid. We take our responsibility to spend taxpayers' money wisely as seriously as we do our mission to to educate this community's children. I believe today's results are an affirmation that we are moving in the right direction on both fronts."

The budget voters approved on Tuesday carried a tax levy increase of 2 percent. The district will set its final tax rates for the 2011-12 school year in August, based on final assessment figures and equalization rates for each town as provided by the state Office of Real Property Services.

Here are the vote totals for the eight candidates who sought the three open Board of Education seats:

Laura Ladd Bierman: 2,503

Matthew J. Downey: 2,274

Dr. Caitrin Navarro: 1,928

Harmeet Narang: 1,553

Mary Danckert Collins: 1,352

Donald Kawczak Jr.: 1,210

Peter A. Scotto: 783

Vincent Potenza: 546


Library results

Voters approved the Town of Bethlehem Public Library budget by a tall of 3,167 votes in favor and 1,621 opposed.

Voters also elected Tamra Wright to the library's Board of Trustees. She was the only candidate for the one open seat, and received 3,091 votes.