BC News

June 14, 2011

BC's graduation rate one of the best in area

At 93 percent, the district's graduation rate is is one of the best in the region, according to data released Tuesday by the New York State Department of Education.

This figure refers to 93 percent of students who began high school in the fall of 2006 graduating in four years, in June 2010.

"Our students academic success is an entire team effort that begins the first day they come to us in kindergarten and continues through twelfth grade," Superintendent Michael Tebbano said. "This is just another indicator that Bethlehem Central educators do an excellent job when it comes to our students' learning, growth and development. It's also a credit to the hard work of our students."

The 93 percent figure is for the 447 total district students, including those placed out of the district, who entered high school in the fall of 2006.

The graduation rate for the 440 students who entered Bethlehem Central High School that fall was 95 percent.


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