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June 21, 2011

picture of Jim Dering

Jim Dering

Board President Jim Dering recognized for service to BC

At the Board of Education's June 15 meeting, Superintendent Michael Tebbano thanked Jim Dering for his six years of service on the Board, including the last two as president.

Dering decided not to seek another term in this year's Board of Education elections.

Dr. Tebbano said that Jim's guidance and leadership, as well his sense of humor, will be greatly missed.

"Jim has been an outstanding member of the Board of Education," he said. "I want Jim to know from the bottom of our hearts, you have been an outstanding leader. Your sense of humor and inevitable laugh will always be remembered by all of us."

Dering said that he had a great experience on the Board and gained a real appreciation for everything it takes to run a school district.

"It's been a great six years," he said.

A BC graduate himself, Dering noted that as a student, he had some of the teachers who were also honored that evening for their retirement this year. He said his teachers at Bethlehem made a tremendous impact on him.

"I can't say enough about the experience I had," he said. "It's the reason I stayed in town, it's one of the reasons I ran for the School Board. I specifically remember kind things that people in the audience have done for me."

New Board of Education member Dr. Caitrin Navarro will be sworn in at the Board's annual organizational meeting on July 6. At that time, Board members Laura Ladd Bierman and Matthew Downey will begin their second terms on the Board following their successful re-elections this spring.


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