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Evaluating our teachers and leaders

As a result of the federal Race To The Top (RTTT) education initiative, the NYS Education Department has mandated the development of a new teacher-principal evaluation system beginning with the 2011-12 school year.

To meet this requirement, Bethlehem Central officials recently finalized the district's plan, known across the state as an Annual Professional Performance Review (APPR). Click here to view the APPR. [PDF]

For the first time, student performance on local and state exams will factor into individual teachers' evaluations, which has become controversial in New York State. Other factors will include growth in students' work and assessment of classroom skills through observations by a trained evaluator.
Administrator evaluations will consider factors like assessments growth toward determined goals, a supervisor's (or other trained evaluator's) assessment of leadership and management, and other additional benchmarks.

Depending on their scores, teachers and administrators will be placed into one of four categories: highly effective, effective, developing or ineffective.

Since the law was established, BC officials have worked in partnership with the Bethlehem Central Teachers Association (BCTA) and the Bethlehem Principals Association (BPA) to craft the district’s APPR.

"This mandate from the State is meant to provide a more accountable status in evaluating our teachers and principals in assessing student growth and achievement," said Superintendent of Schools Dr. Michael Tebbano. "The BCTA and the BPA have been working with the district in negotiating aspects of the document and we appreciate their assistance."