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Oct. 19, 2011

A reminder about our Early School Closing Policy

Because of the importance of you knowing what our policy is regarding an early closing, we will reiterate this information periodically until March.

We do not call parents when school closes early due to bad weather. Arrangements should be made ahead of time so that your child knows whether he/she should ride the bus home or to the home of a neighbor or friend who lives on the same bus route as your child. If you know of a problem that needs to be resolved, please call the office before we get into an early closing situation. Early closings for situations other than bad weather will be worked out as they occur, due to the variability of the circumstances.

When Bethlehem Central is forced to close school early because of inclement weather, that information is reported on the district website (, TV channels 6, 10, 13, 23, and 9, AM radio stations 810 and 980, and FM radio stations 92.3, 95.5, and 99.5. In addition, the district has made available to you the “School News Notifier” (SNN). SNN is an opt-in e-mail alert system for which parents can sign up to receive e-mail alerts from the district, including information about emergency school closings and delays.

For information and to sign up for SNN, click here.

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