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New midterm schedule offers more instructional time

A new midterm schedule for students of Bethlehem Central High School is designed to further the district’s mission to offer more in-seat instructional time and less down time in the school calendar.

With this new schedule, students will recover nearly two days of instructional time during midterm week. As in the past, students will not have school on that Friday,aside from those who need to make-up exams.

“This allows us to gain instructional time this week that we weren’t able to capture under the old schedule,” said Assistant Superintendent Jody Monroe, “but the shorter periods will allow students to review or catch up on previous work.”

Monday, Jan. 23, is a regular school day, as is Tuesday, Jan. 24, for most students. On Wednesday and Thursday, Jan. 25 and 26, students not in exams will have a series of shortened class periods.
On Friday, Jan. 27, students will not have school, aside from those who need to make-up exams.

A detailed copy of the schedule can be seen here [PDF].

The new schedule will also result in savings for the district.

The district was able to shift the drivers’ schedules to accommodate this new exam schedule, and will not run the high school buses three trips per day as was done in previous years. This results in a savings of more than $17,000.

The new exam schedule came about as the result of a careful process that involved district officials and high school staff who agreed it would improve learning and achievement for all students while managing the cost-effectiveness and efficiency of the district's operations.

“We’ve taken great care in crafting this schedule and feel it’s conducive to the needs of our high school students,” said Bethlehem High School Principal Charles Abba.

Some questions you may have about the new schedule:

Q: What if my student does not have a Science or Math exam scheduled in the AM testing sessions?

A: All students are expected to report to school at the regularly scheduled time. Students who are not taking an exam will report directly to the cafeteria and sign in. Students will either remain in the cafeteria or the Library Media Center until the start of the modified school schedule. Students who arrive to school late will report directly to the cafeteria and sign in for attendance purposes.

Q: What if my student does not have a Social Studies/Shakespeare exam scheduled in the PM testing session on January 25th?

A: Those students who require transportation will report to the cafeteria to sign in. They will remain there or in the Library Media Center until the end of the afternoon testing session – 2:45. Busses are scheduled to leave at 3:00 PM.

Q: Will the cafeteria be available for students if they have an afternoon exam on Thursday, January 25th?

A: The cafeteria will be open and food/snacks available as needed.

Q: What happens if students are sick and unable to take their exams?

A: The parent/guardian must contact the main office the day of the exam to report the absence. Make-up exams will be given on Monday, January 30th.

Q: What happens if students have multiple exams scheduled in the same testing period?

A: Exam conflicts are addressed prior to the administration of the exam. School counselors will contact the students to inform them of the time and location of these exams.

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