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Jan. 31, 2012

Bethlehem students to embark on Asian Tour with ESYO

Students in empire State Youth Orchestra will to perform at 2012 World Expo in Yeosu, South Korea

Ten Bethlehem students will be part of the Empire State Youth Orchestra's first tour of Asia this summer.

The orchestra has been invited to perform at the 2012 World Expo in Yeosu, South Korea this July, and will perform a number of concerts throughout Asia as part of the tour. Two will be in China; five in South Korea, including performance for military at US Army Base in Seoul and on Sorok Island, an isolated island off the coast of South Korea which is inhabited by sufferers of leprosy.

Bethlehem students to accompany ESYO on Asian Tour“I’m definitely excited,” said BCHS student and ESYO violinist Eamonn O’Neill. “I don’t speak the language, but as we share our music with them and they share their music with us, then we can talk.”

Eamonn will be joined on the tour by BCHS students Lainie Kehoe, Elena Bouton, Michael Latter, Aria Shi, Daniel LaChapelle, Amelia delCano, Jake Clinton, Brian Sa and Charles Kalet.

“I would have never have had the opportunity to Asia without ESYO,” said Elena.

ESYO made the announcement Tuesday, Jan. 31, in the Bethlehem Central High School orchestra room. Superintendent Thomas Douglas was on hand to commend the students for their hard work at Bethlehem Central High School and in the Youth Orchestra.

“I applaud the hard work of our students who are in the youth orchestra and I’m very proud that they will be among those who represent us abroad as the Empire State Youth Orchestra embarks on its tour of Asia this summer,” he said. “It’s no easy feat navigating through high school in this day and age, and to do so while making positive contributions to the community and using your talent to help others as the members of ESYO do is truly remarkable.”

David Beck, who is ESYO’s Repertory Orchestra Conductor as well as a Bethlehem High School Music Teacher, said the students in Empire State Youth Orchestras are among the cream of the crop.
“They’re great kids,” he said. “They work hard and I’m proud that they’ll have the opportunity to showcase their talent overseas.”

ESYO Conductor Helen Cha-Pyo, who will lead the orchestra during its summer tour, echoed that sentiment.

“These students will contribute to the global society and their tool for doing so is music,” she said.

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