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Dec. 10, 2012

Adopt-A-Family drive well underway in BC Schools

Items continue to be collected

Bethlehem Central School District’s Holiday Adopt-A-Family Program is well underway!

This collaborative effort involves students, staff, local businesses, and community organizations working together to provide boxes of food and gifts for families in need this Holiday Season. JoAnn Menrath, BCSD’s Nurse Coordinator, oversees the program, with the administrative support of Assistant Superintendent Jody Monroe. The coordinators of the program have worked hard to meet the community’s growing need and this year the program will provide food and gifts for more than 120 families!

The elementary nurses work closely with their students and staff in organizing food and gift collections in their buildings. General staple items are collected at each elementary building, including such things as cereal, pasta, soup, paper products, and toiletries. The secondary schools collect food items necessary for a holiday dinner, including vegetables, fruit, and dessert items. Kristen Burns, teacher, provides direction for the Middle School food collection; while Kate Burkart and Scott Carlton, guidance counselors, oversee the high school food collection. Each family in the Holiday Program will receive an elementary “staple” box; and, a secondary school “dinner box.” Bethlehem Community Fund, formerly called “Bethlehem Festival Fund”, will generously provide a turkey for every family in the Holiday Program.

“It’s impressive to see how everyone comes together to support the needs without our school community,” said Menrath. “There are over 40 sponsor groups that provide specific gift items for the families, including clothing, toys, and gift cards, and many of the sponsors in our program include district staff and student groups. Many teachers throughout the District work with their students in the classroom providing guidance and lessons that raise awareness and encourage participation in the Holiday Program.”

The coordination of this program has grown over the years. With more families needing assistance, there has been the need to work with more District staff and community sponsors. Every BCSD department contributes to the success of this program.
If you’d like to get involved, you have to hurry! The Food Drive is coming to an end this week, so talk to your children (or visit their school’s website) and see what items they can bring to school to help out a family in need.

Thank you for your support and have a happy holiday season!


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