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Dec. 10, 2012

BCSD’s APPR plan approved by state

Plan lays out teacher, principal performance evaluations

Bethlehem’s Annual Professional Performance Review plan has received approval from the New York State Education Department. The approval satisfies a requirement of the federal Race To The Top (RTTT) education initiative and makes Bethlehem eligible to receive federal Race to the Top and state education aid.

The approval is the result of months of collaboration between BC officials, the Bethlehem Central Teachers Association (BCTA) and the Bethlehem Principals Association (BPA) to craft the district’s APPR.

“I am grateful to have such a wonderful team of professionals in this district ,” said Superintendent Dr. Thomas J. Douglas. “Not once during the process of refining the APPR did anyone lose sight of what its goal is: to provide the best educational opportunities possible for our students, and the best professional growth for our teachers.”

“The approval of the District’s APPR plan is an affirmation of all the collaborative hard work that teachers and administrators have done,” said BC teacher and BCTA President David Rounds. “In Bethlehem we have worked for two years to create a balanced and fair process to evaluate educators. This process creates high expectations for its professionals but at the same time gives them the flexibility to meet the diverse needs of their students. The approval of the APPR is just the first step, the teachers and administrators will continue to adjust the APPR to meet the ever changing needs of our students.”

Student performance on local and state exams will factor into individual teachers' evaluations. Other factors will include growth in students' work and assessment of classroom skills through observations by a trained evaluator. Administrator evaluations will consider factors like assessments growth toward determined goals, a supervisor's (or other trained evaluator's) assessment of leadership and management, and other additional benchmarks.

Depending on their scores, teachers and administrators will be placed into one of four categories: highly effective, effective, developing or ineffective.

Bethlehem had an APPR plan in place since September 2011, but has, with the guidance of the State Education Department, updated and refined the plan to its current form. (Click here to view Bethlehem’s APPR and the state’s approval.)

“Bethlehem has a history of recruiting, training and retaining some of the finest educators in the area,” said Jody Monroe, Assistant Superintendent of Educational Programs and Instruction. “Our Annual Professional Performance review plan will help us continue this tradition of excellence.”


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