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Staffing at Slingerlands for the 2011-12 school year

Posted June 22, 2011

After 30 years of teaching, we tearfully say goodbye to Jane McGlynn, who is retiring this week. She has been a fabulous teacher and she will be truly missed by families, colleagues and children. In addition, Kathy Baron, our AIS Math teacher is also retiring for the 2nd time! Several staff members will be changing buildings next year - Maria Mangini, Jennifer Steil, Karyn Schneider, Ralph Pilot - good luck to all of them! Carla Reiner, Ann DiBiase, and Tina Conners filled in leaves for the year and will be headed off to other adventures - a huge thank you to them for all their great work! Lynn Kohler will be going to the Middle School at the end of the summer and Kathy Haege will be joining us from Clarksville.

Teacher Staff for 2011-2012


Mrs. Liz Gentile
Mrs. Barb Monthie
Mrs. Linda Reddy
Mrs. Bridget Stanners


First Grade

Mrs. Jeanne Ferrentino
Mrs. Martha McCaffrey
Mrs. Pam Mac Millan
Mrs. Valentini


Second Grade

Mrs. Ann Bacher
Mrs. Kathy Raffe
Mrs. Cyndi Reiss


Third Grade

Mrs. Ann Brands
Mrs. Alix Messier
Mrs. Bonnie O'Shea
Mrs. Carla Reiner


Fourth Grade

Mrs. Sue Fitzpatrick
Mrs. Beth Kourt
Mrs. Melissa Leach
Mrs. Patty Skiba


Fifth Grade

Mrs. Valerie Andres
Mr. Lester Betor
Ms. Heather Bush
Mrs. Connie Clarkson
Mrs. Stefanie Doemel