Budget Vote:
May 20, 2014 at BCHS, 7 a.m. - 9 p.m.

If the proposed 2014-15 district budget is approved by voters, the plan will include a property tax levy increase of 2.99 percent. It is expected that the resulting tax rates will decrease by 3.57 percent. Rates are expected to be the same in both the Town of Bethlehem and the Town of New Scotland. To help residents ESTIMATE the budget's impact on their tax bill, use the calculator below. Final tax rates will not be available until August. Click here for calculator>>


Please join us and offer your input on BCSD budget issues. All meetings will be held in the BCHS Library & Media Center.

May 6, 6:30 p.m.:Meet the Candidates Night (sponsored by the League of Women Voters)

May 7, 7 p.m.:Budget Hearing

May 20, 7 a.m.-9 p.m.:Budget Vote, BCHS

May 21, 7 p.m.:Board of Education meeting





2011-12 Budget Reductions & Salary Freezes

Budget Department/Area Budget Reduction Savings
(Including Clarksville Closure)
7.0 full-time equivalent FTE* classroom teachers & 1.8 FTE special subject teachers $598,080
  1 nurse $49,900
  1 principal $143,740
Middle School 4.5 FTE teaching positions $302,400
High School 2.6 FTE teaching positions $174,720
  GED Program (0.6 FTE teaching position) $40,320
Special Education 3.0 FTE teaching positions $201,600
  2.0 FTE speech therapists $134,400
  0.4 FTE psychologists $26,880
  1.0 FTE Social Worker $67,200
Salary Freezes Bethlehem Central Teachers Association $844,000
  Bethlehem Central United Employees Association $251,200
  Salary freeze for princpals/central office administrators $54,610
Central Office / Districtwide 1.0 FTE district office clerical position $45,000
Transportation Increase maximum ride time to 60 minutes (reduce 3 routes) $60,000
  Salary freeze for directors/managers $8,000
  Reduction in supplies/contracted items $17,000
Operations & Maintenance 1.0 FTE custodial worker $54,600
  1.0 FTE maintenance helper $54,600
  Reduction in equipment & supply purchases; doing more work in-house; and deferring gym floor refinishing and special projects $89,000
  Eliminate extra summer help $16,200
  Eliminate Energy Manager stipend $9,000
  Salary freeze for director/managers $7,300
Clarksville Closure - Non-instructional 2.0 FTE clerical $103,200
  2.0 FTE custodial $114,600
  1.5 FTE food service $33,640
  Energy savings $48,000
  O&M supplies $16,000
  TelCom (network, phone, etc.) $13,000
*Note: All positions are shown as full-time equivalent, or FTE. This means that they are totals, and often include full-time positions being reduced to part-time; and the partial or full reduction of some part-time positions.



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