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BCHS students photograph Good vs. Evil

November 26, 2012

Ms. Roe recently worked with her Advanced Photography and Senior Portfolio class to create images based on the theme "Good vs. Evil" as part of a planned exhibition through Proctors. Entries for the exhibition were open to all K-12 students and intend to explore perceptions of good and evil and how easily those perceptions can be changed and manipulated. The photographs submitted by BCHS students represent their conceptual interpretation of this theme. This was a juried exhibition and all 15 of BC student entries were selected. You can view the photography in person at Proctors until Dec. 13.

  • Brianna Ferrara
  • Eileen McGraw
  • Elizabeth Weber
  • Ellie Shuman
  • Evan Ginsburg
  • Hannah VanWie
  • Jamie McCormick
  • Jenny Harris
  • Kristen Durlacher
  • Kristen Gaustella
  • Lindsey Woller
  • Olivia Conroy
  • Quinton Mulvey
  • Shannon Haggerty
  • Teresa Bernardi