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Energy We Use

The majority of the energy we use in America comes from burning fossil fuels. Our consumption of these limited resources is a leading force in our current climate change problems. Encouraging staff and students to understand that at this time, energy use equates to air pollution, and that conservation of energy is the quickest way to decrease our greenhouse gas emissions. This subcommittee will look at the energy use of each of our buildings and develop ways to encourage conservation. It will also look at renewable energy technologies and grants that may be available to the district.

Our district Energy Manager, Paul O’Reilly, has detailed information about energy use in each of the district buildings. This committee will look for ways to share this information as well as identify other energy saving practices and/or technologies.

If you are interested in participating on this sub committee please contact Paul O’Reilly at the high school.

energy watchdog

Please report energy waste in the district to Paul O’Reilly, energy manager, at or 439-4921.


profiles for bcsd's "energy star" buildings for 2009-10

High School [PDF]

Middle School [PDF]

Elsmere Elementary School [PDF]


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View the 2009-10 Energy Goals

Energy Star presentation for 2010

How does your school rate in the Energy Star program? 

Bethlehem is a member of an energy purchasing consortium 

Bethlehem is a good neighbor and saves energy and money by carrying out an energy curtailment plan to help preserve the New York Sate Power grid 

Winter 2010 energy curtailment test results for Bethlehem Middle and High Schools