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BCMS March Recycling Announcement

We have the paper recycling totals for the month of March. During the month of March we recycled 2,135 pounds of paper. That means that because of our recycling last month we saved over:

18 Trees

7,472 gallons of water

Decreased air pollution by over 64 pounds

Reduced our oil use by over 416 gallons

Congratulations Bethlehem Middle School, please continue to recycle and remember: Paper is not Garbage!


Recycling Fun Fact

Recycling just one ton of paper saves 17 trees, over 7000 gallons of water, keeps 60 pounds of pollution out of the air, and saves approximately 4200 kilowatts of electricity.

One of the most universal ways of decreasing the garbage we make is to recycle. Recycling not only removes material from the waste stream, but that material can then be used again; saving water, resources and energy. Because creating goods from recycled materials uses less energy and raw materials, it also creates significantly less pollution.

The Bethlehem Central School District has instituted a district-wide recycling program.
Each building in the district is equipped with desk side paper recycling containers for all offices and classrooms, and has several co-mingled glass/plastic/metal containers. Each building also has single stream dumpsters for the co-mingled glass, plastic metal and corrugated cardboard. The paper is collected by a separate recycling vendor.

In the school buildings, students work with the assistance of the custodial staff to pick up the large quantities of paper we recycle. The custodians also do a great job of collecting all the other co-mingled containers and corrugated cardboard.

Various schools across the district are also engaged in terra-cycling (juice pouch recycling), bottle top recycling, ink-jet cartridge and cell phone recycling and composting.

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