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BC Green Team: Mission Statement

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Mission Statement

The Bethlehem Central School District is committed to take a proactive role in promoting, facilitating, and accepting environmental leadership in all facets of our organization.

In-House – Our Educational Community

By both modeling through example and informing through education, we seek to guide and lead our staff and students in the following:

Make conservation and stewardship of resources a foundation of all decision-making.

Seek alternatives to practices that have associated negative environmental impacts.

Promote the understanding that each person makes choices everyday that effect our environment and every person makes a difference. All should grasp that personal actions, though small in scope, have the greatest cumulative impact.

Out-of-House – Our Larger Bethlehem Community

Through promotion of our achievements, our students’ efforts, and through community events we seek to inspire, lead, and provide a model for our larger community through the following:

Serve as a participatory entity for our larger community to foster environmental awareness.

Demonstrate that individuals and groups can consistently maintain a positive quality of life while still maintaining environmental consciousness.

Demonstrate that our collective capacity can flourish and grow (rather than be restricted and limited) when all aspects of ‘green living’ are grasped.

The active body leading this initiative is the District Environmental Committee (“Green Team”). Through the committee’s initiative and work with both our educational and Bethlehem communities, we will continue to increase the visibility of these initiatives, to promote educational (including curricular) programming, and model environmental stewardship.