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BC Green Team: "I'm A Green Steward" Student Award

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Why the name?

It is our goal to have students understand the concept of “stewardship” by contributing to the care, preservation, and conservation of a natural resource in our community.


This award has 3 levels of recognition that are commensurate with the amount of time students dedicate to environmentally conscious stewardship activities.Students who complete environmentally based community service within the calendar year that begins on the first day of school will qualify for:

The Participant Award – Click here for details [PDF]

The Manager Award – Click here for details [PDF]

The Environmental Leader Award – Click here for details [PDF]


Verification of student hours

Students interested in participating in the program must submit a verification form (electronic submissions are encouraged to decrease our paper use) to Mike Klugman, District-Wide Science & Technology Supervisor, who will then forward to a building designee. (The student, and / or student’s parents will be asked to describe and verify how the student completed his/her hours.)

Click here to download a sample form [This is a Word document that you can edit.]


Awarding of Certificates of completion

Each school building shall determine the means in which students are awarded certificates of completion and recognized for their participation.