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Student Activities

About Student Activities at BCHS

Bethlehem Central recognizes that participation in extracurricular activities has an inherent educational value for students in terms of building sound social relationships, developing interests in academic/career areas and gaining an understanding of the elements and responsibilities of good citizenship. Therefore, the district encourages all students to become involved in the life of their High School.




How to Join

Find a club that interests you? Be sure to listen to the morning announcements for information about when groups will begin meeting each year. Morning announcements are also posted on the High School’s Web page each day. A list of current club advisors is available from the assistant principal’s office. While some clubs require auditions or other qualifications (as described below)most are open to any interested students


Participation in ­Extracurricular Activities

Participation in school ­extracurricular activities is a privilege for BCHS students. Students are required to be in attendance at school on the day they participate in any facet of extracurricular activities. Students who are suspended from school (internal, external and Friday detention) will be barred from all school functions (i.e., athletic events, dances or other school events) on the day of suspension or from the next scheduled function. ­Inappropriate behavior at ­extracurricular activities will result in a referral and corresponding disciplinary action. Note: Thirty days prior to a special event (e.g., Homecoming, Snowball Dance, Junior Prom, Senior Ball) students with three or more referrals will lose the privilege of attending the event.

Other Extracurricular Opportunities

Included in this guide are clubs and organizations that have received Board of Education approval. Each year, however, a handful of clubs and activities may spring up out of the interests of a particular group of students, and descriptions of these clubs are also included here. To find out what other clubs might be available in a given school year, contact the assistant principal’s office.


How to Start a Club

If a student would like to begin a club, approval must be granted by the building principal before any meetings or activities begin. A faculty member or approved individual must be present at all meetings and activities.