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BCHS Handbook for Students and Parents

School Safety Procedures

There is a specific plan in place at BCHS to ensure the safety of staff and students. Throughout the year, there are drills so that all individuals in the school are comfortable with emergency procedures. Proper information and direction will be given to all involved before, during and after any drill or emergency. Due to the seriousness of these drills, students must listen to and follow all directions.

Emergency notification

Upon hearing an emergency notification, all students should go quickly and quietly to the nearest supervised classroom. Students should remain there until an announcement is made signaling that it is safe to continue with their schedule.

Fire alarm

A fire evacuation plan is posted in each classroom. Students should be familiar with the exit route and be prepared to follow it if the alarm bell sounds. In the event of a fire alarm or drill, students are to proceed quietly and in an orderly fashion out of the building under the supervision and direction of staff. Students should remain with their class and be at least one hundred feet away from the building and fire hydrants. All driveways and parking lots must be kept clear to allow the passage of emergency vehicles. The signal for students and teachers to return to the building will be given over the PA system.

Go Home Drill

The annual “Go Home” drill is ordered by the Commissioner of Education in cooperation with the director of the State Civil Defense Commission. While the drill is primarily an exercise to be followed in the event of an emergency when a two-hour warning is anticipated, it is being organized also as a procedure to be followed in the event of a civil emergency.
High school bus riders will be transported first. Since the high school is centered near the bus garage, the total elapsed time for getting all children home would be less than if elementary pupils were transported first. Then, too, such a plan will result in having older children home and able to care for younger ones in the event parents are away from home during an emergency. School buses will travel primary roads and drop students at points that are not greater than a half-mile walking distance from their homes.

Visitors to school

Our visitor policies are designed to ensure the safety of all students and staff and to minimize disruption to the instructional program. All visitors must sign in and receive a visitor’s pass upon entering our school. Upon leaving the building, please sign out and return the badge.

No person other than a student, an officer or employee of the district, or parent or legal guardian of a student in regular attendance at such school shall enter upon or remain upon school property for any purpose without the permission of a building administrator or other authorized representative of the district having such property in charge. Violators of the above rule are subject to arrest and prosecution for disorderly conduct or trespassing. Students are not permitted to bring friends as guests to BCHS.

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