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BCHS Handbook for Students and Parents

Disciplinary Options

The district’s complete Code of Conduct is included in the back of this handbook. The following are descriptions of some of the school consequences students may face for code violations.

Administrative Detention

Detention is an assignment of approximately one and one-half hours of supervised school attendance during period 9 and/or after school. All detentions are to be scheduled with 24-hour prior notification to the student. Legal reasons for missing detention are the same as those for excused absences. An excuse of personal business is not acceptable and will be treated the same as an unexcused absence. Cutting detention results in double the assignment of detention and referral to an administrator. Continued detention cuts will result in a referral to an administrator and further sanctions.

Restricted Study Hall

Students are to spend their time in Restricted Study Hall doing academic work. No talking, sleeping or electronic devices are allowed. Students assigned to Restricted Study Hall for lunch should bring a bag lunch. Students who receive a referral for any violation while in Restricted Study Hall will be assigned an after-school detention for that violation. Continued restricted study hall cuts will also result in after-school detention and referral to an administrator.

Teacher Detention

This is an assignment of extra class attendance during period 9. Failure to attend teacher detention may result in referral to an administrator.

Friday Detention

Friday detention is held from 2:15 p.m. until 5:15 p.m. in the cafeteria. All school policies and regulations are in effect during Friday detention. Any changes require parental consultation and 24 hour notices.
Students should report at 2:15 p.m. with their books and materials necessary to do academic work. Instances of lateness will be handled by the suspension monitor. During the duration of the detention period students should remain seated and become involved in academic work. Students are not permitted to sleep, use headphones or communicate with others and will be given breaks at the discretion of the monitor.

Cutting Friday detention

Any cut of Friday detention will result in significant disciplinary consequences including, but not limited to, administrative hearing, further detention, or suspension.

In-School Suspension

Students assigned to Internal School Suspension (ISS) are required to report to the ISS room at the conclusion of homeroom (7:43 a.m.). Students must stay until the completion of the school day at 2:07 p.m. If a student is late but arrives before 8:10 a.m., he/she may remain but must stay until 3:00 p.m. Any student arriving after 8:10 a.m. will be required to return to class and serve his/her ISS the following day.

Students will be required to sign-in and take their assigned seats. There is no sleeping allowed in ISS. There are no electronic devices allowed in ISS. Students will be assigned work from each of their regular classroom teachers. Students must pass the two checkpoints during the day by having a positive attitude, staying on task and completing their assigned work. All work assigned to the students in ISS must be completed that day. If students are not in compliance, further disciplinary consequences will be assigned.

Students are required to bring a brown bag lunch to ISS. If students fail to bring a lunch, the school will provide one at a cost equivalent to the district’s current student lunch price. This lunch consists of a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, fruit and white or chocolate milk. If your child has a known allergy to peanut butter or milk, a doctor’s note should be on file in the Health Office, and an alternative lunch will be provided.

If a student leaves ISS: Parents will be contacted, and a contract for appropriate student behavior may be developed.

External Suspension

Students who have been externally suspended from school are not permitted on the campus during the instructional day of the suspension. Failure to comply may result in police involvement. An alternative for instruction and attendance credit may be achieved via home instruction and/or through participation in the district’s Suspension Instruction Program. These students may also meet with appropriate school district personnel to discuss ways to help the students become more successful in school. 


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