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BCHS Handbook for Students and Parents

Extracurricular Activities

Participation in school extracurricular activities is a privilege. Discipline, poor attendance or academic problems may result in students being denied entry to school functions.

Students are required to be in attendance at school on the day they participate in any facet of extracurricular activities. In order to receive credit for full day attendance students must be in school for at least half a day (4 periods).

Students who are suspended from school—Internal, External and Friday detention—will be barred from all school functions (e.g., athletic events, dances or other school events) on the day of suspension or from the next scheduled function. Inappropriate behavior at extracurricular activities will result in a referral and corresponding disciplinary action. Please remember that BCHS rules follow our students to away athletic contests and other school events taking place off campus.

Note: Thirty days prior to a special event (e.g., Homecoming, Snowball Dance, Junior Prom, Senior Ball) students who have been externally suspended from school and/or have more than three referrals, will lose the privilege of attending the event.


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