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BCHS Handbook for Students and Parents

Lost or Damaged School Materials

If a textbook or other school material given to a student is damaged or lost, students are required to pay a fee based on the condition and/or replacement cost of the book as determined by the teacher and subject supervisor. The main office will collect the money for lost or damaged textbooks or materials. When students are allowed to retain certain materials or textbooks until the time of examinations, arrangements will be made by the teacher as to where and when such materials are to be turned in. These items will not be accepted in the main office. The main office will not accept money or returned materials from individual students during examination days.

During the school year, students will receive notices at regular intervals concerning overdue library materials. If materials are not retrieved after the third notice, a letter will be sent to students’ parents.

If a student has outstanding fines and/or replacement costs for lost or damaged books or materials, his/her report card may not appear on BC@Home, his/her student records may be withheld from other secondary schools, colleges and employers, and it may result in being denied entry to school functions.  


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