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BCHS Handbook for Students and Parents

Student Privileges

BCHS believes that students of high school age should make sound decisions about the use of their unscheduled time. Therefore, students who are in satisfactory academic standing are given the following choices:

Auditing classes

Students may choose to attend classes on an auditing basis with the permission of the teacher after the regular number of courses is scheduled.

Early release

Early release privileges are available to students in good standing. Students in grades ten, eleven or twelve (with an off-campus pass) may leave school at the conclusion of their academic day with parent permission. Students must have a validated early release form on file in the main office. Please note: Students who stay during period 9 (from 2:15 to 3:00 p.m.) must be in student activities, getting extra help or under the supervision of a teacher. There should not be any students loitering at this time.

Library Media Center

During their unscheduled periods, students may use the Library Media Center for research, leisure reading and production activities (e.g., word processing, PowerPoint etc.). When coming from classes or study halls, students must present a pass from their teacher and sign in at the circulation desk. Students are encouraged to save work to their network folder or to a personal disk when using computers. Guidelines for use of the facility and computers are posted throughout the Library Media Center. It is the responsibility of each student to know and observe posted guidelines.

Pass system

Passes will be issued by staff members to students traveling in the building other than during the change of classes. Forged notes or passes will result in disciplinary consequences.

Signing in for homeroom in the main office

Students must meet with the principal or assistant principal for approval.

Student Center (Cafeteria)

A snack bar will sell breakfast items from 8:05 to 9:55 a.m. Lunch is served during periods 4 through 7. When lunch is being served, students not eating lunch should make room at the tables for students scheduled for lunch at that time. No food or beverage may be brought out of the cafeteria.

Volunteer Service

School or community service can be arranged with teachers, counselors or administrators. Some examples are tutoring other students, clerical assistance, Library Media Center assistance, school activities programs, independent projects and community assistance.

Senior privileges

To earn senior privileges, students must demonstrate the following achievements during the final ten weeks of their junior year:

Pass all courses.

Receive no more than three referrals during the ten-week evaluation time period. A referral for disrespect to faculty or staff, theft, harassment, fighting, possession or under the influence of drugs and/or alcohol would be grounds for immediate disqualification.

Have no on-campus parking violations.

Have resolved any outstanding obligations, e.g., return of textbooks and equipment.

Re-evaluation for senior privileges occurs on a five-week basis throughout the senior year. All criteria for earning the pass must be achieved during that time frame, and students must meet with the dean prior to privileges being restored.

Senior off-campus pass

A senior off-campus pass enables senior students with parental permission to leave campus during any unscheduled period. A parent/guardian must verify permission in person or by phone before registration, and a parent can request to void the privilege at any time. Registration does not qualify a student to leave campus. The student may leave campus only after receiving the pass in homeroom. Seniors must carry the off-campus pass with them at all times and must use the pass in an appropriate manner. Seniors are required to sign-out before leaving campus and sign-in upon return. Seniors who do not have a first period class must still report to homeroom, unless other approved arrangements have been made.

Parking on campus

Parking on campus for senior and eligible junior students is a privilege requiring adherence to school regulations. All vehicles parking at the High School must be registered with the school and display a current BCHS permit sticker. The school is not responsible for damage to personal vehicles. Safe driving techniques, including reduced speed, shall be in effect at all times particularly in the vicinity of pedestrians and school buses. Students should use the proper entrance and exit to the front parking lots. Violations will result in a referral, and detention will be assigned.

Students must have a valid driver’s license, not a learner’s permit, on the day of registration. An eligible senior driver is guaranteed one parking spot for $50 (non-refundable fee) for the school year.

Any remaining parking spots will be assigned to juniors. If there are more requests than spaces available, a lottery will be held. Juniors must also be in good academic and behavioral standing to be eligible.

Students who use the parking area without authorization may have their car towed at the owner’s expense. Students who continuously violate school policies and/or parking regulations may forfeit future parking privileges.

Loss of senior privileges

Seniors who have earned privileges will lose them if all behavior and academic expectations are not upheld. Revocation of privileges will occur when a student:

Uses the pass in an inappropriate manner.

Illegally parks on campus or violates other parking regulations.

Transports unauthorized students off campus.

Fails a course, or is failing a course at the five- or ten-week mark.

Receives more than three disciplinary referrals, including referrals for late to school.

Receives a disciplinary referral for disrespect to faculty or staff, theft, harassment, fighting, truancy or possession or use of drugs or alcohol.

Has a request by the parent to void the privilege.


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