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graphic page headingHealth Education Assignments
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  l Disease Research Poster Project
  l Drug Unit
  l Environmental Unit
  l Food Intake Evaluation
l Health Other
l Heart Healthy Recipes
l Mental Health Project
l Directory: Council of Community Services of NYS
l Sexually Transmitted Diseases 




Disease Research Poster Project

 Centers for Disease Control

 American Heart Association

 Web MD

 Medline Plus

 Above the Influence

 Kids' Health

 Women's Health

 Onco Link

 Medicine Net


 Wellness Web

 New York Times Learning

 American Heart Association

 American Cancer Sociey

 American Dietetic Association

 About Health

 Drug Unit
(Updated 2/12)
 Center for Substance Abuse Research
(slang terms found here)

Club Drugs


In the Know Zone

 National Institute on Drug Abuse

 National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism

(Click on "Select a State" for marijuana laws)

 ONDCP Office of National Drug Control Policy     
(Click on Drug Facts)

 Substance Abuse and Mental Health Statistics  (SAMHSA)

 Street Terms: Drugs and the Drug Trade
Tobacco, Drugs & Alcohol

U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration   
(Click on Drug Information)

 Greater Capital Region Human Services Directory


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 Environmental Unit   -Ms. Raderman

  Scorecard:  Pollution in Your Community

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l  Food Intake Evaluation   -   Ms. J.Smith

 Office of Dietary Suplements, National Institutes of Health

 Food and Nutrition Information Center

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l  Heart Healthy Recipes    -      Ms. Raderman

 Cooking the Heart Healthy Way – National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute
All            Use the search term “low cholesterol”   
Use the search term “low fat”  
 Cooking Light Magazine   
 Directory to sites containing heart healthy recipes  
 Diabetic & Heart Healthy Recipes  

 Healthy Cooking Recipes  

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 Mental Health Project   
              (updated 2/12)


 National Institute of Mental Health

 National Mental Health Association

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 Sexually Transmitted Diseases   -   Ms. Raderman
 STD's - Incidence Statistics    
Scroll down to "Statistics and Sexually Transmitted Diseases"

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