EXCEL English - Ms. Tworek




Friday 6/11 - In-class spelling portion of the final exam. 40 words.**

Final Exam:

Monday, June 21, 8-11, Gym B. #2 pencils and pens



** The 40 words have been reviewed extensively over the past 4-5 weeks( 4 groups of 10 words). This week's spelling quiz and next week's are the 40 words the kids need to know.


At Home:

I really hope that you will help me in encouraging your daughters and sons to read. It doesnít mean that they have to be reading novels every night: magazines, graphic novels, instructional manuals, newspapers, are all sources of printed material that require reading and help to build stronger comprehension skills. There is often a correlation between reading and writing. The more we read, the easier it becomes to write.

For many of the students, writing is a challenge; they donít like to do it and they donít see the purpose. You can help at home by encouraging your child to complete journal assignments. There is a reason behind why journals are one page, front and back, unless otherwise noted: we are working on developing ideas. The more work we do now on an informal level, the easier it will be for students to write formally.


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