Schools of Japan

Yonsho ( Dai Yon Elementary School)

Yonsho is a new school. It was built to replace old Yonsho 4 years ago. The old school was very wonderful but we lost it after our volcano erupted. We have 268 students and 10 teachers, head teacher, science teacher, vice principal, principal, nurse and maintenance man. The teachers and students do all our own cleaning, and take care of the gardens too. We are close to the mountains and the sea. Around us are lots of rice and vegetable fields. Yonsho students are very good at kendo and soccer. The girls like to play volleyball. We have many activities in the community where we do things with senior citizens. We plant rice together, pick bamboo shoots in the spring, and in the fall we have a big sports festival with the seniors running races too!

Miesho ( Mie Elementary School)

Miesho is a countryside school. It is surrounded by fields and greenhouses full of vegetables and flowers. Many of our parents are farmers. It is an old building but has a lot of warmth. We have one brand new section and a new computer room. We hope you can see from the photograph. We have 329 students and 14 teachers, a head teacher, vice principal, principal, nurse, science teacher and maintenance man. The students are very cheerful and friendly and love English. The boys like to play baseball and soccer, the girls like volleyball. Miesho has a good brass band.