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Valerian Tukbaevís Teacher Page



This is my second year since I have changed to Secondary School No 25 here in Zlatoust, but things havenít changed much for me. Iím still happy to be at school as my approach to the teacherís mission hasnít changed either - I love my students and my job that offers powerful incentives to keep pace with the times.

My grade 10 and 11 students are looking forward to their future adult life and try hard to be up to the challenges they have to meet at school and in everyday life. Many of them are aware that the English language offers new ways for professional career in the future and it is a great advantage to making friends worldwide and sharing ideas as school students.

They enjoy taking part in activities and competitions Mr. Reilly proposes to the Global Coalition schools worldwide and I am happy to submit their contributions to the Global Coalition school projects.

Apart from that, we have our Spotlight monthly newsletter to highlight the most remarkable events of the month and practice our communication skills, especially in writing and ICT. We also enjoy making short videos about things related to school and everyday life.

As it used to be at School No 10 for many years, my students are happy to take part in the Global Coalition projects and enjoy this great chance to get acquainted with other places and teenagers around the world watching the Global Coalition newscasts. I hope we can keep on contributing on regular basis and doing our best to share insiderís outlook on the issues related to our home place and culture.