Civil Rights WebQuest


To start you will need to review the following vocabulary terms:

Discrimination | Integration | Prejudice | Racism | Suffrage | Disenfranchisement

Jim Crow Laws | Segregation | Ku Klux Klan | Civil Disobedience | Boycott | Reform

To ensure you know your vocabulary complete the crossword puzzle found here - CROSSWORD

Now you will need to review some basics dealing with the Civil Rights Movement. Get a feel for the events that took place by reviewing the following timeline. Also read through the article on the Jim Crow Laws.

Timeline | Jim Crow Laws

Now it is time to research your event. For each event there is a number of resources listed relating to that topic. Click on the event to view the resources. The resources include a variety of information including websites, newspaper articles, interviews, audio clips, timelines, and pictures. You will need to read through all of the resources and gather information for your narrative. You may find some of the resources more useful than others. Remember to pay attention to the details and take notes because you will need this information to form your story.

To get a perfect score you will need to use and cite a minimum of three online resources, as well as two text resources that you find independently. These sources need to be included in your bibliography.


Now that you have gathered all the information you need for your narrative you can begin. Review the rubric in the evaluation section carefully. Also go back and review the task section. Your narrative needs to be 2-3 pages long and must include a bibliography. For more information on how to cite sources visit the website below.