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Bethlehem Central Middle School

Physical Education Mission Statement

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I have designed this web page to help parents and community members keep updated on the happenings of their child's Physical Education class.  While there is no substitute for being present in class the information below will allow for you and your child to see that physical education is not just throwing out the ball anymore or playing dodge ball or kickball.   Please use this website and its content as a secondary means to see what is being taught to your child in physical education class.  The best way to find out about your child's day in physical education class (and school in general) is to talk to them about their day and give them some of your time to hear about what is important to them.  Your child's future may depend on it. 

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This section is currently being overhauled for the 2013-14 school year and has not started yet.

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Physical Education and Its Importance in Schools

In many states/school districts Physical Education is being dropped from the school curriculum.   This section of my web page is dedicated to educating you on why Physical Education is important to to our children and why is it critical that states and school districts fight to keep Physical Education in the school curriculum.  As I find research and articles I will post them here and add my own thoughts as to the importance of Physical Education in our schools.






     Does your child's locker look like this?  While we do stress the importance

of making sure that your child locks his/her locker before and after class this may

be taking it to another level. 

     During the school year students will leave their lockers unlocked or

they will share their locker combo with friends.  While this sounds

harmless it is a huge problem every school year.

     Understand that if your child is missing some clothing or their $100

sneakers that YOU bought for them this matter should be brought to their attention first. 


    If the locker is not locked it is out of our hands, your child is

inviting someone to take their clothing.  If it is locked up it can not be taken.








Quote of the Week

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   After School Activities      Before School Activity     S.L.O Review Sheet

Intramural Information


    Flag         Basketball    Volleyball   Kickball





Student, Wellness and Training


6th Grade Final Review Sheet





Teaching / Classroom Information

 My Philosophy

Open House Letter


What are 5 weeks reports and how should they be interpreted



Syllabus and     

Grading Policy


Review Sheets

Information for quizzes, projects and homework


About the Units

A brief introduction about the units and the components


Physical Education Make Up Class Assignment



5 Components of Fitness




                Pictures                         Rules                               Internet

Check Out Our Facilities

Pictures from Class 

I hope that you enjoy the pictures



Pictures from the "Klugman" Memorial Faculty Basketball Game 2009-2010


Excuses from PE Class


Locker Room Rules







Physical Education Links

This page has a few links I will continue to update as I find good sites


In Class Recognition

PE Stars



Locker Room Talk


        New York State PE Standards            Exercise Your Mind            Importance of a Mouth Guard 

        Is It Too Cold to Go Outside             Asthma and Physical Education        Spring Time Means Sneeze Time


I hope that you find this web page helpful, I have had a great time designing it and keeping you and your child updated on the happenings of our Physical Education program and classes.                           


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