BC Maintenance
Crew a 'Top 10 Shop'

The maintenance crew of the district's Transportation Department has been recognized as one of "10 Top Shops" in 2009 by School Bus Fleet magazine, the official news source of the National Association of Pupil Transportation.
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School Bus Fleet is one of two major publications in the country dedicated to student transportation. 


Employee News

BC’s Transportation Dept. names Employees of the Year for 2012-13

Ladd Valentini named transportation’s Employee of the Year for 2011-12





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Bethlehem Central Transportation Department

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Safety First!

Knowing and adhering to school bus procedures, etiquette and laws are important prerequisites to a safe system of transportation. Please review Bethlehem Central's safety procedures and policies with your children each year.

Al Karam, Transportation Director
82 Van Dyke Road
Delmar, NY 12054
Phone: 518-439-3830
Fax: 518-439-7885 

Transportation Eligibility Requirements

The Bethlehem Central School District provides transportation to and from schools for the following resident students:

All elementary students

Middle School students who live more than a half mile from school.

High School students who live more than a mile from school. 

Resident students who attend private and parochial schools within 15 miles of their homes.


Transportation News

Operation Safe Stop: education on bus stop safety

The New York Association for Pupil Transportation (NYAPT) is advocating and educating communities about bus stop safety. It is reported that about 50,000 times each day, in New York State alone, motorists pass school buses when the bus has flashing red lights engaged. Despite these occurances, school buses are still by far the safest mode of transportation for getting children back and forth to school.

Please take the time to read about bus stop safety to keep the students in our community safe on our school buses:

About illegal passing of school buses [PDF] | What you should know about bus stop safety [PDF]

District's incoming kindergarten students learn about school bus safety

Lending their expertise and gentle guidance, staff from the BC Transportation Department recently welcomed the district's smallest students and introduced them to the school bus. Each student received a hands-on bus safety lesson, met the bus drivers, and practiced getting on and off the bus. The district's safety procedures and policies can be found in the upper right-hand corner of this page.  SEE PHOTOS OF BUS ORIENTATION

Transportation director prepares for new school year at summer conference

In July, Director of Transportation, Al Karam, joined more than 300 transporation colleagues from across that the state who were preparing for the upcoming school year with training and workshops designed to improve school transportation for students throughout New York. READ MORE

A note about bringing items onto the school bus

With the school year in full swing and our bus routine settling down, now is a good time to review the Bethlehem Central School District’s guidelines on what can and cannot be brought on a school bus. READ MORE

A Note about bus stop assignments

The district is committed to assigning appropriate bus stops for all transportation-eligible students. Many factors are considered when selecting stops, including availability of sidewalks, speeds travelled by vehicles on a particular road, and the potential number of students at a given location. READ MORE


Transportation request forms

Parents/Guardians may make special transportation arrangements for children if they attend private/parochial school and/or if they must be dropped off at an address other than their home address (e.g., child care provider, alternating between parents/guardians).

Private/parochial transportation requests must completed each year and submitted in writing to the Transportation Department by April 1.

All other requests must be received in writing no later than August 1 and changes must be received no later than August 15.

Private/parochial school transportation request form [PDF]

Permission for others to receive student(s) at bus stop [PDF]

Elementary and middle school special transportation request form [PDF] - Use this form for grades K-8 if you have alternating custody of your child(ren)



If you move during the school year, or over the summer, please call Registrar Melissa Haas at 439-7480, and then follow up with a phone call to the Transportation Department at 439-3830 to make sure the information we have for your child(ren) is accurate.