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2019-20 School Climate Survey Results

Filed in Archive, District by on February 11, 2020

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Results are in from the Bethlehem Central School District’s 2019-20 School Climate Survey. This is the second year the district surveyed students, parents and staff regarding school climate and student engagement. The results of the 2019-20 survey show that an overwhelming majority of students, staff and parents continue to report they are happy with their school and work experiences in Bethlehem.

More than 2,800 people participated in the survey, including 2,248 students from the district’s seven schools. The 72-question survey included questions about school safety, facilities, peer relations, social and emotional support, alcohol and drug use, and school discipline. The student survey results supported those from 2018-19 showing students feel a strong sense of belonging to the school community, are actively involved in extracurricular activities and are supported by faculty and staff with whom they have a positive rapport. The recent survey revealed greater concern in the areas of peer relationships and substance abuse, with similar results being recorded in 2018-19.

The student survey was administered to students during the school day the week of Dec. 9-13, 2019. In addition to the student survey, parents and staff — both instructional and support staff — answered similar surveys during a two-week period, Dec. 6-20, 2019.


Student Survey Results by School:

If you can not access these PDFs, please contact the BCSD Communications Office at 518-439-3650.

    “We were pleased with the largely positive results we have received again this year,” said Superintendent Jody Monroe. “The data collected will help us to identify trends, adjust priorities and direct staffing and resources to areas of greatest need.”

    Superintendent Monroe said her administrative team has been reviewing the data by school and by demographics to get a clearer picture of where gaps might be identified in the otherwise positive results.

    “The data tells a story and helps us refine our goals and our actions as a district,” said Superintendent Monroe. “While most of the results are positive we want to be sure we don’t miss opportunities to address issues of concern.”

    Monroe said one area of concern were the survey responses from students regarding the use of alcohol, drugs and nicotine products.

    More than half of students surveyed — 52 percent — said they know students at their school who think it is okay to smoke cigarettes or vape. Forty-three percent said they know students who think it is okay to get drunk and 46 percent said they know students who think it is okay to try drugs.

    “We will be digging deeper into this data and looking at our wellness initiatives to see how we can best address these troubling statistics,” said Monroe. “We will continue to work with parents and with our community partners like Bethlehem Opportunities Unlimited (BOU) to do what we can to move these numbers downward.”

      Students also identified facilities issues, including heating and cooling and bathroom cleanliness, as being most in need of improvement.

      “As we begin public discussion on the 2020-21 district budget, having this level of insight allows us to better identify and prioritize the most pressing needs of students, faculty and staff,” said Superintendent Monroe.

      Student Survey Highlights

      • 90% of students say they feel safe at school
      • 80% of students say they are happy to be at school
      • 84% of students say they feel socially accepted
      • 87% say teachers are available when they need to talk to them
      • 75% say they are involved in sports, clubs, and other school activities
      • 91% say they have lots of chances to be part of class discussions or activities
      • 44% say they believe the school is comfortable all year round
      • 33% say they know students who use/try alcohol or drugs while at school or school-sponsored events.
      • 52% say they know students at this school who think it is okay to smoke cigarettes or vape.
      • 43% say they know students at this school who think it is okay to get drunk
      • 46% say they know students at this school who think it is okay to try drugs.

      Staff Survey Highlights – Instructional

      • 97% of teachers say they feel safe at school
      • 98% say students are encouraged to get involved in extracurricular activities
      • 92% of teachers say people at this school care about me as a person
      • 93% of teachers say they feel like they belong
      • 90% say the school inspires them to do the very best at their jobs
      • 89% of teachers say they feel responsible to help each other do their best
      • 88% of teachers say there are adequate programs and resources to support students with special needs or disabilities
      • 47% of teachers say they think that cyberbullying is a frequent problem among students

      Staff Survey Highlights – Support Staff

      • 98% of support staff say students get along with staff
      • 90% of support staff say they the school is an inviting work environment
      • 100% of support staff say they feel safe at school
      • 94% of say staff always stop bullying when they see it
      • 91% of support staff say they feel like they belong
      • 85% of support staff say school rules are applied equally to all students
      • 19% of support staff think bullying is a frequent problem at school

      Parent Survey Highlights*

      • 96% of parents say the school looks clean and pleasant
      • 90% say the school notifies parents or guardians effectively in the case of a schoolwide emergency
      • 92% say the school takes effective measures to ensure the safety of students
      • 93% of parents say their child feels safe at school
      • 87% of parents say they feel welcome at school
      • 80% say the school encourages them to be an active partner in educating their child
      • 79% say the school has quality programs for their child’s talents, gifts, or special needs.
      • 81% of parents say staff at the school care about what families think
      • 43% say they hear from the school when their child does something good at school

      *The 2018-19 School Climate Survey included a “Don’t know” option for all questions on the Parent Survey. The 2019-20 only included this option on some questions.