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On the ballot: Bus Replacement Referendum

Filed in District by on May 4, 2017

boys in front of school busThe law requires the district to receive voter approval to borrow money for capital expenditures such as bus purchases. This year’s bus replacement purchase referendum will appear on the May 16 ballot as a separate proposition from the school budget. 

At a cost of $1,595,000, the proposal will replace 13 large buses and two small buses.

The bus purchase is part of an ongoing plan to keep the district’s fleet up to date. School buses must pass rigorous annual state inspections. Replacement of buses normally occurs when it is no longer cost-effective to make the repairs necessary to meet those standards. 

The district has proposed replacing approximately 8 percent of the fleet annually as the most effective way to maintain its vehicles and to control maintenance costs that come with keeping older buses on the road. The cost of the debt service on the new buses is reimbursed by the state, currently at a rate of about 62 percent.