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BC Caring and Sharing 2020

Filed in Archive by on November 19, 2020

The annual BC Caring and Sharing Program is set to begin collecting food donations and grocery store gift cards on November 30, 2020. The Bethlehem Central School District organizes and runs this program with one goal in mind: to assist families in the BC community who may be struggling to make ends meet, with food and grocery gift cards ahead of the holiday break and throughout the school year.  

This year more than ever the district understands the struggles some families face, struggles that are not limited to a certain time of year. Everyone at one time or another may experience periods of economic stress that are unexpected and overwhelming. This program can make paying for things difficult at any time during the school year. 

“Every school in Bethlehem has staff and resources to help families who may be experiencing difficulties,” said Superintendent Jody Monroe,  “We want to provide all children with what they need to make every day successful and make learning stress-free for students and families. The district works with families to find available resources to ease the road for families who may need some additional help around the holidays or at any time of the year.”

If you are a family who could use assistance, please use the link below to register. Or, if you know a family in the district who could use a helping hand, at the holidays or at any other time during the year, please share this important information with them. 

To enroll in the Caring and Sharing Program 2020, please fill out the enrollment form via the following link: Registration for Caring and Sharing Program 2020

If you cannot complete the enrollment form electronically, please contact the SESS Department at 518-439-8886 or