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BC celebrates 2018-19 faculty and staff retirees

Filed in Archive, District, District News by on May 31, 2019

On Thursday evening, May 30, Bethlehem Central administrators, faculty and staff gathered at Normanside Country Club to pay tribute to their colleagues who have retired or have announced their retirement in the 2018-19 school year. They are teachers, bus drivers, aides, operations and maintenance staff, and support staff who have been integral to the mission of the school district for many years. Many of the honorees were joined by family and friends in celebration of their career with the school district.

Together, this group has more than 700 years of service to the students of Bethlehem.

The retirees were also joined by members of the Board of Education, and Superintendent Jody Monroe, who served as master of ceremonies for the event. Building principals and department supervisors were also on hand to share their special memories of these longtime employees and members of the BC family.

“We are so grateful for the dedication of these individuals to our students and to our mission,” said Superintendent Monroe. “Not only have they been a huge part of a school environment that is rich with learning, they also gave of themselves by nurturing and supporting students and colleagues alike. They will be missed.”

All retirees who attended the reception were presented with a plaque and a copy of the written commemoration of their contributions to the Bethlehem Central School District. Those who could not attend will receive the same. You can read a bit of what was said about each below.

Congratulations, 2018-19 BC retirees!

2018-19 BC retirees, with years of service and building assignment

Michael Andriano –  School Custodial Worker – 33 years of service – Hamagrael

Mr. Mike became a fixture and a popular figure in our Hamagrael School community. Mike took the time to mentor students and he always knew the right thing to say or do if he noticed a child was having a difficult day.”

Heidi H. Aupperle – Elementary Teacher – 31 years of service – Glenmont

“Heidi sees the value of hands-on learning and often involves her class in project-type activities related to social studies or science. That has been her signature for 30 years of teaching at Glenmont.”

Grace R. Bennett – Elementary Teacher – 26 years of service – Glenmont

“Grace’s passion is understated, so her thoughtful questions and soft-spoken style create a climate which is more peaceful and centered than even she probably realizes.”

Kathryn D. Campion – World Language Teacher – 26 years of service – Middle School

She’s wise, reliable, and always incredibly kind. She is the colleague who welcomes the newest teacher, from any department, acts as a mentor, and takes the time to help in both practical and emotionally supportive ways.” 

Valorie J. Falco – Elementary Teacher – 32 years of service – Glenmont

If a child is floundering for any reason, Val figures out why and determines how she can help. And she doesn’t stop until she makes a difference.”

Paula G. Fishbein – Speech Therapist – 25 years of service – Eagle

“Paula is a doer. She is the type of person and teacher who wants to help at every corner. She adores children and will do whatever she can to help them succeed.”

Mary Ellen Fusco – Registered Nurse – 13 years of service – Glenmont

“Molly knows how to talk to kids, how to reach kids. In fact, she has some frequent fliers who like to check in with her regularly, although she knows how to keep those visits short so the child gets right back to the classroom feeling supported.”

Robert L. Helm – Social Studies Teacher – 31 years of service – Middle School

“Any successful team needs lots of Rob Helm in it. He makes us smile, reminds us of how much fun it is to do what we do.”

June Hoffman – School Bus Driver – 23 years of service – Transportation

“June safely transported hundreds and hundreds of children to and from school over her 23-year career.”

Kathleen Johnson – Senior Keyboard Specialist – 15 years of service – High School

“Kathy always set high standards for herself and is always committed to excellence!”

Michael Jones – Bus Attendant –  17 years of service – Transportation

“Mike has been a faithful employee for 18 years, serving our most precious cargo, the students in our district.”

Andrea Kaplan – Aide to Students with Disabilities – 16 years of service – Glenmont

“Andrea devotes 110% every day and is always willing to go the extra mile to help out both students and coworkers. She is a person whom you can go to for anything.”

Harry Khachadoorian – School Bus Driver – 12 years of service – Transportation

“Harry is not only a valuable asset to the transportation department but an enjoyable presence in the garage, as well.”

Maureen M. Lewicki – Teacher of the Blind & Partially Sighted – 10 years of service – Middle School/High School

“Maureen is an advocate for the students she teaches and goes above and beyond in accessing tools and technology for them to use throughout their school day and lives.”

Isaac London – School Bus Driver – 13 years of service – Transportation

“Isaac’s commitment to the safety and education of our youngest students was evident in his work with not only the BEATeam but the Pre-K orientation team. He is a true professional, a colleague whose smile and presence encourage the entire department.”

Douglas Maeder – School Bus Driver – 20 years of service – Transportation

“With 20 years as a caring bus driver, Doug’s rapport with the students and his fellow employees, along with his innovative methods of dealing with the challenges of being a bus driver, made his tenure at BC one of a kind.”

Shirley Mattice – Bus Attendant -15 years of service – Transportation

“Shirley’s positive and enthusiastic attitude will truly be missed. She always kept her colleagues looking at the bright side of life.”

Susan D. McNally – School Bus Driver – 22 years of service – Transportation

“Susan’s passion for the safety of students over 23 years of service, not to mention her team spirit, will be truly missed in the Transportation Department.”

Jean O’Donnell – Special Education Teacher – 16 years of service – Glenmont

“Jean knows the right thing to say to soothe a parent’s worry while at the same time acknowledging that there is often no magic wand. In her calming voice, she speaks words of kindness and wisdom to parents, sometimes on a daily basis if needed.”

Donna Palmer – Bus Attendant – 6 years of service – Transportation

“Throughout her time at BC, Donna proved to be a great team player. Her care and attention to students is to be emulated.”

Eileen Pasquini – Assistive Technology Specialist – 11 years of service – SESS

“Eileen has served the students of Bethlehem with passion, pride and persistence. She has worked diligently to provide students with disabilities access to assistive technology so they may have the ability to make things possible.”

Peter Rawitsch – Elementary Teacher – 38 years of service – Glenmont

“Peter has dedicated his life to working with young children. He also has an intense drive to learn. In his endless pursuit to find the best ways to teach children, Peter has attended numerous workshops, read as much as he could, and continued to incorporate new techniques and lessons into his teaching.”

Mary Pat Remmel – Elementary Teacher – 28 years of service – Eagle

“Loving students is what defines Mary Pat Remmel at BC. Her love, coupled with immense advocacy, great big hugs, and unwavering family communication is a gift Mary Pat leaves with BC.”

John K. Rightmyer – English Language Arts Teacher – 32 years of service – Middle School/High School

“Jack Rightmyer brought the best out of his students year after year through his use of humor in the classroom and his caring and compassionate nature.”

Mary Scro – School Monitor – 18 years of service – High School

“On paper, Mary is considered a “monitor.” In reality, Mary is the truest form of what an educator should be. In all of her various roles over the years, Mary has brought positivity and a strong commitment to serving all of our students, making BCHS a better place.”

Robin Van Ness – School Cook – 33 years of service – Middle School

“Robin is someone who not only knew the names of the more than 1,000 students at the middle school but knew their likes and dislikes in making sure all were well fed and prepared to be successful through the day.”

Kimberly Watson – Clerical Assistant – 20 years of service – Middle School

“Kim spends her days brightening the lives of others, making us smile, holding us together and heading up our ‘happiness committee.’  If ever there was a perfect person to lead happiness it is Kim.”

Kevin Williams – Head Trainer/19A Examiner – 7 years of service – Transportation

“Kevin has been an inspiration with an upbeat attitude and caring for each of us in the Transportation Department. His guidance has made us all better at the different jobs we all do.”

Richard Wright – School Custodial Worker – 25 years of service – High School

“With 25 years of service to the BC community, Richard Wright made sure the school environment was safe, healthy and welcoming for students and staff every day.”