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BC senior is New York State InvestWrite winner

Filed in Archive, Student Spotlight by on March 20, 2018
girl in blue shirt holding trophy

Srinidhi Chari holds her InvestWrite trophy

Combining solid investment strategy with social responsibility, Bethlehem student Srinidhi Chari is now an award-winning financial analyst after her sound recommendations on behalf of a non-profit organization earned her first place in New York State in the national InvestWrite competition.

Chari, who wrote an essay outlining short- and long-term investment advice for a renewable energy non-profit known as ACORE, received a trophy from InvestWrite sponsor SIFMA, the Securities Industry and Financial Markets Association, which also hosts the Stock Market Game that Bethlehem students participate in annually.

The non-profit Chari chose to profile is ACORE, the American Council on Renewable Energy, whose mission is to accelerate the transition to a renewable energy economy. ACORE’s work focuses on technology, tax and finance issues, and grid modernization.

Winning the state InvestWrite title came quite by accident, according to Chari.

“I did it for extra credit,” said Chari, with a smile. “In AP Micro/Macroeconomics, Mr. Majewski said we could write an essay based on the InvestWrite instructions. He liked what I wrote so he submitted it as part of the contest and I won.”

InvestWrite participants, including Chari, developed mock 5-year and 20-year investment plans for their chosen organizations. The students were asked how they would help the non-profit manage its money with investments in stocks, bonds, and mutual funds. They were also asked how they would diversify holdings over time, and where their investment strategy would align with the mission of the non-profit.

“It’s exciting. Srinidhi wrote a very thoughtful essay that included a plan for real sustainability of the group she chose,” said teacher Jason Majewski. “I liked to see that this time around, the investment competition was more than just a profit-driven exercise. Instead, it was tied to social responsibility and accountability for these non-profits.”

Chari said she chose ACORE after a summer internship with an electrical engineering consulting firm opened her eyes to the potential of renewable energy.

“I saw the potential of renewable energy in our economy and our lives, as well as the logistics that go into incorporating it into our power generation and distribution centers,” said Chari. 

For her ACORE portfolio, Chari created a spreadsheet for both the short- and long-term investing. She said most of her investments included a combination of S & P 500 stocks and treasury bonds. 

“It was important to diversify more in the five-year portfolio to guard against stock fluctuations,” said Chari. “In the long-term, I was able to put the majority into the S & P and invest in some new technology stocks and an emerging renewable energy fund.”

She said the renewable energy fund she decided to invest in (QCLN) included Tesla and NextEra Energy, among other firms that develop new renewable energy technologies. For a high tech/emerging tech mutual fund, she chose (FSPTX) which includes firms like Apple, Tesla, and NVIDIA among others. 

“The renewable energy tech fund QCLN supports ACORE’s mission, with investments in companies that are attempting to develop new technologies that could facilitate the incorporation of renewable energy into the grid,” she said.

Chari, who will graduate in June, has plans to enroll in college in the fall to study engineering.

“I hope to continue learning about renewable energy and possibly contribute to its development in college and beyond,” she said.

Congratulations to Srinidhi Chari. She is making BC proud!