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BCCF funds innovative BC programs through grant awards

Filed in District by on October 5, 2017
Bethlehem Central Community Foundation and the Board of Education hold a giant check

BCCF presents the BCSD district with the award check at the October Board of Education meeting.

At the October 4 Board meeting, the Bethlehem Central Community Foundation (BCCF) announced grant awards of more than $8,000 for 13 classroom innovation programs and initiatives at the Bethlehem Central School District. These grants were awarded to fund the programs and projects listed below for the 2017-18 school year. Members of the faculty of BC were chosen for these awards by means of a competitive application process.

Thank you to the BCCF as these grants were made possible through funds raised by this organization, which works to enrich the education by funding programs and capital projects not financed through local tax dollars and other public resources.

Thank you to our faculty who dedicated their time to the application process and for continuing to explore amazing educational programs at Bethlehem Central.

Grant applications for next year’s funding cycle will be available in January.

Programs and projects funded by the BCCF grant awards:

Osmo Exploration Learning through Teamwork and Collaboration
Hamagrael Elementary School

Purchase assortment of Quality Plaster Casts
Bethlehem Central High School Art Department

Spanish Classroom Manipulatives
Bethlehem Central Middle School World Languages Department

Appliance Update and Safety
Bethlehem Middle School Family and Consumer Science Department.

Disarticulated Skeletons
Bethlehem Central High School Science Department

TI-89 Calculators for Advanced Placement Calculus Classes
Bethlehem Central High School Math Department

Sewing Machine
Bethlehem Central High School Art Department

Muscle Man-Axis Scientific 27-Part Half Life-Size Muscular Figure
Bethlehem Central Middle School Health & Physical Education Department

Analysis of Qingming Scroll
Bethlehem Central Middle School Social Studies Department

Reflex: Math Fact Fluency
Glenmont Elementary School

Yabla Subscription
Bethlehem Central High School World Languages Department

Fred the Flexible Skeleton Anatomy Model
Bethlehem Central Middle School Health & Physical Education Department

Logic and Problem Solving Activities
Hamagrael Elementary School