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BCHS Clubs & Activities Guide for 2019-20

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Bethlehem Central High School (BCHS)

How to Get Involved

Find a club that interests you? Be sure to listen to the morning announcements for information about when groups will begin meeting each year. While some clubs require auditions or other qualifications (as outlined in the below club descriptions), most are open to any interested students.

How to Start a Club

If you want to start a club you must secure the principal’s approval and the approval of Student Senate before any meetings can begin. Pick up the necessary forms in the Assistant Principal’s Office.

Participation in Extracurricular Activities

Participation in school activities is a privilege for BCHS students. Students are required to be in attendance at school on the day they participate in any facet of extracurricular activities. Students who are suspended from school (ISS and OSS) will be barred from all school functions (i.e., athletic events, dances or other school events) on the day of suspension or from the next scheduled function. Inappropriate behavior at extracurricular activities will result in a referral and corresponding disciplinary action.

30 Days Prior to Special Events

Thirty days prior to a special event (e.g., Homecoming, Snowball Dance, Junior Prom, Senior Ball, etc.,) students with three or more referrals and/or suspension will lose the privilege of attending the event.


French Club

The French Club seeks students of all levels of understanding of the language who are interested in French language, traditions and culture.

Latin Club

This club promotes awareness of the Latin classics and gives students an opportunity to enjoy the times and cultural activities of the ancient Romans.

Linguistics Club

The Linguistics Club is for those who are interested the study and discussion of language.

Masterminds & Science Bowl

Members participate in Jeopardy/College Bowl-like academic competitions. Masterminds deals with general knowledge and Science Bowl focuses on math and science.

Math Honor Society

Students serve as peer tutors in mathematics. Students are admitted based on their academic success in math courses.

Science Olympiad

Members participate in science competitions around the Northeast. Tournament events vary from building helicopters and robots to biology labs. If you like science, this club is for you!  Find out more at

Spanish Club

To learn about the Spanish culture and learn about the language and customs. Meets bi-weekly.

Spanish Honor Society (Sociedad Honoraria Hispánica)

This group is a local chapter of the national organization that promotes the language and culture of Spanish speaking countries and is an honorary organization. Meets monthly.

Speech and Debate Club

Speech and Debate Club meets weekly to research information for debates and practice debating skills. The group attends approximately 4 tournaments a season at other local high schools to debate members of other teams. The goal is to help students become more comfortable preparing arguments and having the confidence to defend those arguments publicly.

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Film Club

This club will present numerous short, independent and classic films to students who are passionate about film.

Guerilla Art Club

Established in 2016, GAC was created for students to create safe and imaginative after school art activities; to spread positivity through public art.

National Art Honor Society

The BC Chapter of this nationally recognized organization is for students who achieve excellence in art and seek to promote it in the community. Applications for new members are available.

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BCHS Eagles Ultimate Frisbee

The goals of this club are to introduce new players to the sport of ultimate frisbee and to spread the “spirit of the game,” and to further develop skills in experienced players.

Futsal Club

The goal is for students to play indoor soccer in a gym in a fun and friendly environment where everyone is accepted to participate, no matter the skill level.

Spike Ball Club

Spike Ball is a PE/yard/beach version of volleyball played with 4-6 players per net. Each net is circular and has legs so it sets up about 10 inches off the ground. The players use volleyball striking methods to strike the ball to other teammates and into the net towards the other team. The goals of the club are to have fun, socialize, learn a new game that can be played anywhere, anytime.

Visit our Athletics page to find out more about non-club athletic teams at BCSD.

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Active Minds Club

This club will meet bi-weekly to discuss ways to raise awareness of mental illness, helping to erase the stigma behind it.

Amnesty International

An official student group of the larger organization, Amnesty International Club meets to focus on topics including freedom of speech, tolerance and the refugee crisis. The club’s mission is to support human rights in the community and worldwide so that every single person can enjoy the freedoms they deserve.

Class Councils

The Junior and Senior class councils are a part of the school government that meet to discuss upcoming events and school policies. The primary goal is to raise money for class functions including the Jr. Prom, Sr. Ball and other school events.

FACS Club: Cooking & Crafting for the Community

Students use their cooking  and craft skills to make goodies for the school and local community. We focus our efforts around events happening around school, within the community, and national days of appreciation (ex: Teacher Appreciation week, Fire Prevention month, Police week, etc.).

Gender Equality Club

The Gender Equality Club seeks to explore, expose, and discuss the gender issues that face students inside and outside of the BCHS community.

Genders and Sexualities Alliance (GSA)

The GSA builds bridges among students of all sexual orientations and gender identities.  The GSA coordinates the high school’s annual participation in the National Day of Silence.

Key Club

This community service club is affiliated with Kiwanis International and focuses on fundraising for charities and to promote a spirit of service.

No Place for Hate

The purpose of this organization is to unify the entire BCHS community; faculty, staff, and students, by promoting a positive, bias and bully-free environment. The club meets monthly and bi-weekly during some months.

Peer Helpers

This club is designed to help young people choose positive ways to take care of themselves and improve their school community.

Student Senate

Student Senate serves as the voice of the student body to the administration.

Students Against Destructive Decisions (SADD)

S.A.D.D. is a student-run organization that works to increase awareness of making safe decisions regarding your mind, body and life. S.A.D.D. is open to all students.

Students for Peace & Survival (SPAS)

SPAS concentrates on raising student awareness on social issues and helping both local and global communities. The club’s various fundraisers collect funds for charities that fight poverty and hunger.

Youth Activation Committee

The goal of this student group is to bring diverse student populations together through meaningful interactions including after-school kickball tournaments and fundraisers to support organizations such as the Special Olympics.

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BCHS LMC Book Club

In a partnership between the HS LMC and the Bethlehem Public Library, students are provided with a selection of titles to read independently; after which, students will come together to discuss the books with each other.

Creative Writing Club

Creative Writing Club provides feedback on writing idea generation, short stories, and other writing pieces.

Thinking Reed

Published annually, The Thinking Reed, is a literary magazine of poetry, prose and art submitted by BCHS students.

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Acoustic Jams

This is a club in which students with acoustic instruments of any kind can get together to play music.


A choral group for male singers, this ensemble works well for students who do not have time to join an in-school choral group. No auditions are required.

Concert Singers

This is a non-auditioned ensemble for female singers and is ideal for those who do not have time to join an in-school choral group.

High School Pep Band (“Hooligans”)

The HS Pep Band plays at BCHS’ sporting events as well as playing at other high school events.

Jazz Lab Band

This non-auditioned group meets weekly after school.  Members are to be in the school’s band/orchestra program unless playing piano or guitar. Reading music is a must for this ensemble.

Jazztic Measures

This auditioned ensemble meets weekly in the evening. The auditions are open to students who have at least 1-year experience in Jazz Lab Band. Reading sheet music and notation is a must.

Sound System

A select ensemble that is open to students who are enrolled in Choraliers or Choristers.

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Stage 700

Stage 700 consists of members who are involved in performance, technical theater and orchestra working together to put on one main stage musical per year in the Spring. The purpose is to provide these students an opportunity to be a part of a full scale production. The training and experiences with the club helps to better prepare students seeking future careers in theater.

Theatre Without A Net (TWAN)

TWAN presents a quality theatrical stage production each year. Last year’s production was Almost, Maine

Video Production Tech Guild (Light Sound Club)

Light & Sound Club  is for students who enjoy the technical aspects of plays, productions and other events.  Training will be geared toward developing expertise in sound reinforcement and lighting. No previous experience is necessary.

Vincent J Crummles Acting Troupe (VJCAT)

Students will audition, rehearse and perform a Shakespeare play.  

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BCHS Knitting Club

This club welcomes any student who wants to knit or learn how to knit as a way to relax and relieve stress. Items will be knitted for local charities and shelters.

Best Buddies Club

This club meets once per week and matches students who require special educational and other specialized services with other high school students, creating one-to-one friendships between them.

Buy-It/School Store

Personable and responsible students are always needed to work in the store – handling student customers at the counter, stocking shelves, keeping an inventory of items and assisting with general store maintenance.

Dungeons and Dragons Club

Students meet to play the game Dungeons and Dragons.

Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA)

FBLA  provides students with opportunities to compete in business content topics they study at the local, regional, state, and national level. Students network with other students in other districts as well as business owners, and support their school community by working in the school store, fundraising for field trips, and showcasing the business courses they study.

International Club

The International Club exists to provide multicultural opportunities and awareness on a global level to students at BCHS.Medical Club

Medical Club

Medical Club seeks to inspire students interested in the medical professions by providing information by various means (ex.: discussions, guest speakers, club related activities) and volunteer opportunities.

Mock Trial

The Mock Trial Team provides students with the opportunity to participate in a fictional American criminal justice system as lawyers and witnesses. Competitions are held primarily in the spring time frame.

Model United Nations (UN)

Model United Nations is an authentic simulation of the UN General Assembly, UN Security Council, or other multilateral body, which introduces students to the world of diplomacy, negotiation, and decision making.

Oriole (BCHS Yearbook)

This club designs the page layouts of the HS Yearbook. There is both hands-on and critical work with computer layout and digital camera imaging. Students are guided each step along the way of creating the yearbook.

Robotics Team

Teams of 9th-12th grade students meet after school weekly to design, build, program and test robots to participate in regional VEX Robotics Competitions.

Stock Market Club

This club offers an opportunity to learn about the importance of financial markets at both the micro and macroeconomic level. Meets weekly in the fall; bi-weekly in the spring.

Super Smash Bros. Club

Super Smash Brothers Club is for students who want to get together to play video games and run tournaments.

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