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BCHS Senior featured in National Spanish Honor Society Magazine

Filed in Archive, BCHS, District, Student Spotlight by on April 8, 2020
photo of michelle moczulski

Michelle Moczulski

Bethlehem senior Michelle Moczulski is getting some national recognition. Her poem “Ser un colibrí” (or “To be a Hummingbird” in English) was published in the March 2020 issue of Albricias, the National Spanish Honor Society magazine.

Michelle’s poem is based on the myth of “The Forest Fire and the Hummingbird” by Wangari Maathai. In that myth, there is a forest fire and a hummingbird begins to collect water from a nearby stream to extinguish it. The other animals don’t have faith that he can stop the fire, but the hummingbird continued to do everything he could. “In my poem, I question, how I can help save our planet if I am only a young person without much to offer,” Michelle said. “I refer to “The Forest Fire and the Hummingbird” myth and how like the hummingbird, who was small and didn’t have much power, I can do what I can.”

Michelle says that she was also inspired to write the poem to bring back the joy of writing poetry in her life, and finds it a great way to advocate for current issues because art can open the mind and touch the heart. She also said she finds it a useful outlet to remind herself that little positive actions count toward a greater whole and to keep doing them.

A PDF copy of the March 2020 issue of Albricias can be found here, with Michelle’s poem on page 18. Her poem can be found in its entirety below.

Ser un colibrí

¿Qué podría hacer para salvar nuestro mundo?
Solamente soy una joven,
sin un título,
poder, fama o dinero.
Solamente soy una joven.
Había un colibrí,
en una situación parecida a mí.
Su hogar, el bosque, estaba en llamas,
y él quería salvarlo.
Era muy pequeño,
y no tenía mucho poder.
(Como yo)
Pero, a pesar de todo,
voló a la corriente
y recogió agua en su pico
para extinguir el fuego.
Esto era riesgoso.
Sus alas podrían arder.
El agua no podía ser suficiente.
Y ningún animal tenía fe en él.
Pero el colibrí hizo lo que pudo.
Y eso es lo que cuenta.
Sí, solamente soy una joven,
pero también tengo fe, determinación y coraje.
No necesito tener un título,
poder, fama o dinero,
para salvar el mundo.
Solamente necesito hacer
lo que pueda.